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How a Reliable Interior Painter Can Handle the Wall Preparation

Fresh Paint on Spotless Walls

Are you psyched to start that paint job inside your house finally? Some prep work must be done before painting can begin, and taking these steps before painting will save you time and ensure better coverage. A reliable interior painter is here to break down what you need to do to your walls before we can paint them.

Make Sure There Is No Wall Damage

Before beginning any painting project, it is vital to check the walls for damage. Look for damage, such as breaks or nicks. Repair any problems you find to improve paint adhesion. A joint compound can repair any damage, such as holes or cracks. Use a putty knife if possible to ensure an even compound application. Use the spackling paste to repair any minor cracks. Skimming the walls may be necessary if there are any larger patches to get a smooth finish. To avoid this hassle, having your reliable painter take care of every aspect of the interior painting project is best.

Wash the Walls

The walls need a good scrub after you’ve finished checking them. The built-up dirt, dust, and grime are thus removed. A dry cloth or duster should be used first to wipe away any loose dust or dirt. Once that’s done, you can wipe down the walls with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and a mild detergent drop or two. Spots and stains should be cleaned up before painting. Your interior painter won’t begin painting until after they’ve cleaned the walls.

Get Rid of Wall Items

Now that your walls are spotless, you should probably remove any decorations or artwork still hanging there. Shelves, wall art, outlet covers, and light switch plates fall into this category. Putting a drop cloth on the floor beneath the area you plan to paint is also a good idea, and this will prevent any paint from getting on your carpets, rugs, or furniture. Take time and effort; you can expect high-quality results with minimal damage and no mess.

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